New Album Coming Soon

So, two days at near the Yarra Valley and we have hours of beautiful Trio and Quartet music featuring Dan Mamrot (Guitar), Aaron McCoullough (Drums) and Gareth Hill (Bass). Big thanks to Yen Nguyen from who is currently turning gigabytes into tracks. Hope to have some samples up on the music page soon and an album ready shortly after!

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Jess Carlton’s Issho

A few days at newmarket recording studio in North Melbourne back in May 2014 have resulted in Jessica Carlton’s debut album “Keep it Moving”. We launched to a full house at Uptown Jazz Cafe later in 2014 before taking it to Wangaratta Jazz Festival. You can get it here:


Updates… finally

Wow a lot has happened since I was last here. Sorry if you have been looking at my 2013 dates for months they are now updated with 2014 and it’s busy!

What’s new?

I have started my masters at Monash University, doing research into interactive dialogue between soloists.

The End is back at Bennetts this month on Wednesdays and will have a new CD coming out later in the year (sounds great!)

Jess Carlton’s Issho is going into the studio to record her debut CD later this moth.

I am very excited to be playing in June with Steve Magnusson @ Uptown thanks to Melbourne Improvisers Collective.

AND I am now the proud owner of an SML soprano to add to the SML collection!

Hopefully some pictures will follow soon, and I promise to be more  frequent with my updates.

Hope to catch you soon


The End

Last Rehearsal before last Wednesday’s gig at at Bennetts. Thanks to everyone who came down, we had a great time. 2 more shows to go on Wednesdays 16th and 23rd

SML all the way

My new SML rev D Tenor arrived last week. Sound’s amazing, super dark and resonant. Can’t wait to get some new pads in it. I’m on the way to having the set, stay tuned for more sexy pics of my … Continue reading

JBQ @ 303

Thanks to everyone who came down to 303 on Monday Night to see my new quartet premier the “Scoop Suite” (Dedicated to PB).

Thanks also to Hugh, Sam, Sam and Lewis Moody’s Career Advice who rocked!

We had a great time and hope to have some sounds up soon.


New Website

Here we go, after 3 years of a 90’s Pearl Jam influenced website I have finally moved into the 21st century thanks to Designer Jen Atwood. Feel free to look around and stop back to see my latest ramblings in this news feed.

I you’re stuck at wordpress head to